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How to create a personality quiz

1. After you login into your PollSnack account, go to “New poll” and choose “Personality Quiz”. First, give a title to your personality quiz. Then, describe all the possible personalities, give them a name and then ask some questions regarding each personality. For every question, you need to associate a personality to each possible answer. That means that if, for example, you have named and described 5 personality types, you’ll have 5 options for each question. You can shuffle the options and the questions and you can move the questions up and down. Also, you can add a help text for each question. Based on the user’s answers, PollSnack will automatically calculate the dominant personality and will display the results accordingly.

2. The personality quiz template is customizable, meaning that you can choose whichever colors you want, you can change its size and the font size and also the language in which the widget’s buttons are displayed. You can also preview your personality quiz on different background colors.

3. When you’ve finished customizing it, click on the “Finish” button and then invite people to take this quiz through e-mail or social media channels, using the public link. If you have a website, you can also embed the personality quiz there.

PollSnack offers free reporting for personality quizzes, so you can view responses live, export your data to CSV or print and share your quiz results.