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33. How do I share a playlist?

There are many ways in which you can share TubeSnack playlists. Whether you want to share a permanent link to your video playlist or you want it integrated in your website, you can choose from the following options found on the "My TubeSnack" page:

- Direct link - by selecting this option, a new personalized preview page hosted on will open. Sharing this link with your friends gives them the opportunity to comment and share your playlist.

- Email - choose this option to share your playlist by email.

- Embed code - copy the embed code and the paste it on any website that supports embeddable content.

- Download - choose this option if you want to have your video playlist on your computer. You will get a zip archive containing a Windows executable file (.exe), a Mac OS X file (.app) and a Shockwave Flash file (.swf) and a Flash component (.mxp & .fla). Also we provide an html file you can use to add the playlist on the web and some instructions (.pdf).